Opening Ceremony

Sending Human Thinking Throughout The Universe

An historical theatre in the Centre of Milan will host the 25th IFSCC Conference Conference “CosmEthic: Science and Conscience Opening Ceremony: after the official opening remarks from the Authorities, a Magisterial speech on scientific items and a tasty Italian Aperidinner, the evening will be concluded by an outstanding performance creating an unparalleled marriage between music and science.

“Planetarium”, the DEPRODUCERS show , illustrates the wonders of the cosmos through the speech of the astrophysicist Fabio Peri, accompanied by the music of the artistic collective, the official images of ESA and NASA and the suggestive visuals created ad hoc for this occasion.

The show, in addition to telling the mystery of the birth of the Universe, the constellations and their mythology, the relationship between Man and Infinity, will be enriched by the execution of the concert, specially created for the opening of Scientific Conferences by five sound creators, scientific communicators and experimenters!

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